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>>> glad to have you with us on this edition of "newsline." it's friday, december 21st. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. they're hoping consumers will keep spending and not just on christmas presents. we have joined from the business desk with the numbers. >> the magic number is considered a rate that reflects a healthy stream of goods an services. the previous estimate didn't reach that number. officials at the commerce department have changed the picture of the economy filling in some gaps. they say the pace of growth is the highest. commerce department officials revised up their growth rate. gross domestic product grew from the previous quarter. it was up by 0.4% from the figure last month. it was up from 1.4 to 1.6%. consumer spending does account for 70% of gdp. expert growth was revised from 1.1% to 1.9%. federal government spending was changed. it was revised downward slightly but maintain the pace of 13.5%. still the u.s. economic outlook remains uncertain. the obama administration and the republicans are at a stand still to resolve the tax increases. here in japa
>>> hello there, welcome to "newsline." it's thursday, december 6th. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. >>> authorits inorth korea are pressing ahead with plans to launch what they call a rocket. south korean government officials say their neighbors are sending up a missile. they say it has a range of more than 10,000 kilometers capable of reaching the u.s. west coast. experts used data from previous launches to make their estimate. they say a missile launched in 2009 had a range of almost 7,000 kilometers. north korean officials tried again in april. the rocket exploded shortly after takeoff. seconds longer tn those used 18 inrevious attempts. the experts believe engineers may have succeeded in reducing the size of a nuclear warhead. south korean officials say workers have completed the assembly of the three-stage missile. they say once the crew injects the fuel, it will be ready to go. authorities in pyongyang say they've launch between the 10th and 22nd of this month. they say they're sending a satellite into orbit. but leaders of japan and other countries believe the north
with its neighbors. find out the challenges china faces, on "newsline." >>> traffic in china is said to be more of a free-for-all than an orderly procession. motorists often ignore other motorists and pedestrians too, and the pedestrians also play fast and loose with the rules. one result, lots of accidents. so authorities are taking action. nhk world's takafumi terui has the report. >> reporter: red lights don't stop these pedestrians. and crossings, who needs them? as for drivers, when they change lanes, they barely give a thought to other motorists. not a day goes by in chinese cities without a traffic accident. >> translator: when i am in a hurry, i cross streets even against red lights if there are no cars. >> translator: in china we have only one way to cross. if we all go at once, the green light is as good as on. >> translator: pedestrians have bad manners, but cyclists are the worst. they go too fast. >> reporter: chinese police conducted a survey of 10,000 people. they released their findings in november. almost 7 out of 10 people say they've ignored traffic lights. what di
>>> hello there. welcome to "newsline." it's friday december 7th. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. japanese self-defense forces commanders have deployed personnel around southern islands. the defense minister has passed on the order to self-defense forces commanders. >> translator: we're preparing our defenses in accordance with that offer. >> north korean leaders plan to launch the rocket between december 10th through 22nd. the leaders of other countries say they are carrying out a test of a long range ballistic missile. the deployi ining surface to ai missiles throughout the region. the prime minister held a meeting with his ministers. he approved the order to mobilize the missile defense systems and shoot down any debris. this will be the third such order issued by the government. the last time was in april when north korea launched another rocket. it blew up less than two minutes after lift off. s. officers are also on alert. >> those ships are capable of participates in defense. we will go forward with that as we did in the last time. >> he said officers will be able to track
>>> welcome to "newsline." it's tuesday, december 11th. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. the president tried to calm public anger by giving him wide powers. he rejected the call to scrap the referendum on saturday. they called for large scale demonstration on tuesday. morsi's islamist supporters have been besieging a tv station critical of the president. they continue their protest sit-in outside the building. observers in cairo say pro and anti-morsi demonstrators are likely to clash once again. coerns are rising the military may interfere in the event of any confrontation. shouting slogans and holding up signs. >>> kyoto professor shinya yamanaka has collected his medal for this year's nobel prize in physiology and medicine. for their work with stem cells that can be programmed to become cells in a human body. shefed his medal in a ceremony hall. yamanaka was introduced as someone who has provided the world with an invaluable method of developing therapies. sweden's king carl gustov xvi awarded him the prize. after the ceremony, yamanaka said he enjoyed the ceremony, b
welcome to "newsline." it's thursday, december 13th. i'm catherine kobayashi. north korea leaders have provided a boost for kim jong-un. officials say they have succeeded in carrying out their latest launch and put a telle ino spe. they fired off a long range missile. the broadcaster was showing the footage continuously throughout the day on wednesday. the red characters on the white missile fuselage read the milky way in korean. the footage shows what north korea says is the control room of the tongchang-ri launch site in the northwest of the country where images of the launch are being screened. >> translator: even countries with developed satellite technology have had many failed launches. buwe learned from e failure in april. we launched today's rocket with the conviction to succeed. >> the first stage fell into the yellow sea, west of the korean peninsula. then the nose cover fell a short distance beyond that. the second stage dropped into the pacific ocean east of the philippines. it's in an orbit used by telligence andbservation satellites. the object seems to be orbiting s
and insight on southeast asia every weekday live from bangkok only on "newsline" . >>> people in northern japan are dealing with more snow. this is after they got recd week.ing aunts of it last we g the latest in the world weather forecast. >> a winter storm is sweeping across northern japan producing snow showers and strong winds. we have reports of 100 kilometers gusts. strong northern winds will be flowing. that's going to produce heavy snow showers. for northern japan as well as the north coast of western japan. behind it a large high pressure system is keeping things dry. all along the rim of this high pressure area, very strong winds are blowing. that's resulting in highways and strong northern winds are quiting with warmer air light showers for southern showers as the high pressure system descends down rain should be tapering off here. here are your temperatures. very frigid up toward the beiji. tokyo is a different story. your high in seoul is expected to be only minus 4 on wednesday. tokyo should be cooling down to 8 degrees tomorrow. on the western size of asia stronger cold air
sanctions against syria in their effort to stop its civil war. welcome to nhk world "newsline." representatives of nations putting the squeeze on the syrian government have met all over the world. their latest gathering brought them here to japan. the delegates worked on their strategy to push president bashar al assad out of office and ultimately end the bloodshed. on one hand, they're strengthening sanctions. on the other, they're reaffirming their support for opposition forces. nhk world's akira saheki reports. >> reporter: delegates from more than 60 countries are attending the conference, including representatives from the gulf region and the west. they've met several times before, but this is the first time they've gathered in asia. the japanese government hosted the conference to help broaden the base of international support for sanctions against syria. >> translator: the international community has been asking the syrian government to end the violence. but the assad regime is continuing the fight, ignoring the sacrifices of its people. we need to unify our efforts and
on "newsline." >>> finance ministers in europe have have been discussing the possibility of a central monetary union for months. they say they want the deals signed by the end of the year. joining us now from the business, you have been tracking the negotiations for us. tell us more about this. >> i know they have been trying to finalize the agreement within this year but they're still talking about it and with thousands and thousands of banks in the region it is understandable they have many detail to iron out. at the latest meeting the finance ministers failed to reach an agreement on the legal framework for unifying oversight of banks across the eurozone. opinions were divide the during the meeting in brus sells on tuesday and france called for an enter introduction of a unified oversight while germany urged a gradual implementation. ministers also couldn't agree on how much supervisory authority to give the european central bank. they decided to meet again next week for further discussions. eu, economic, and monthly tear affairs commissioner said consolidation of oversight will be the firs
>>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." >>> an official in seoul says north korea may soon begin loading fuel ahead of an expected launch of what the country calls a satellite-carrying rocket. north korea has announced that the launch will take place sometime between december 10th and 22nd. the south korean official cited increased activity around the tongchang-ri launch site in northwestern north korea. earlier reports said all three stages of the rocket had been assembled. south korea's yonhap news agency quotes a government official as saying the fueling of the rocket could begin on saturday after the storage tank has been filled. chinese travel agencies have been informed that foreign tourists won't be allowed into north korea between the 15th and 20th of this month. analysts say the decision could be linked to events marking the first anniversary of kim jong-il's death on december 17th. >>> in japan, government leaders have ordered self-defense forces to be prepared to shoot down any debris from the rocket. the defense minister passed on that order to sdf commanders. >> tran
of this month. welcome to nhk world "newsline." north korea has announced it will extend the period for launching what it calls a satellite carrying rocket by one week. the new launch period will end on december 29th. officials in many countries believe the north's real goal is to test long-range missile technology. the country's committee of space technology said on monday a technical problem was found in the first stage of the three-stage rocket. north korea said earlier this month it would launch the rocket between december 10th and 22nd from the tongchang-ri launch site in the country's northwest. the south korean official told nhk satellite photos taken on monday show what appear to be people and vehicles moving around the launch site. the official says a missile on the launch pad remained covered. the activity on the ground suggests a possible technical problem is being fixed. north korea's last launch in april failed. its leadership promoted the event by saying the nation was honoring the instructions of late leader kim jong-il. details of the planned launch have not been rep
. welcome to nhk world "newsline." south korean officials told nhk that north korea is removing a satellite carrying rocket from a launch pad. apparently undergoing repairs. it extended the launch period by a week to december 29th because of technical problems. officials in many countries believe the north is trying to carry out a long-range missile test. north korean technicians are thought to have examined the missile on the launchpad, but they apparently decided the problem could not be solved simply by replacing defective parts in the rocket's first stage. south korean officials say problems may exist in the entire system. repairs to the rocket may not be completed in two days, the south koreans believe the north has not given up on the planned launch. the head of the self-defense force says his agency remains on high alert. >> translator: we are fully prepared to respond quickly and deal with any unexpected developments. we will do our best to guard our nation's lives, property, and all elements of its safety. >> he emphasized the risk has not changed, only the time period has. that me
party had a landslide election victory. i'm keikichi hanada. hello and welcome to nhk "newsline." >>> the people in japan are getting used to a new political reality. the liberal democrats are coming back to power after trouncing the democratic party in a lower house election. the man who was once prime minister, shinzo abe, is set to take his old job back. >> translator: our party's victory doesn't mean voters are putting 100% trust back in the ldp. people wanted to end three-year political confusion and stagnation brought about by the democrats. our mission is to tackle the critical situation japan faces. we need to speed up the reconstruction from last year's disaster. on the economy, we have to beat deflation, curb the strong yen and create jobs. on diplomacy and national security, we will rebuild the japan/u.s. alliance and then improve relations with other countries and protect our land and waters. >> abe and the liberal democrats spent three years in opposition as the democratic party ran the country. now they head back to the lower house with a lot of political muscle an
japanese leader. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." park geun-hye made a lot of promises during her election campaign. she said she would make life better for south koreans. now the pressure for her to keep those promises is on. people across the country are watching the president-elect closely and analyzing her victory. earlier i spoke with a reporter in seoul on the day after the election. >> reporter: the south korean media are busy telling park geun-hye's history, they're going over the twists and turns of the path that led to the start of a late president back to the blue house as president. experts say the high voter turnout helps park win more than 50% of the ballots. some initially thought it would have favored opposition candidate moon jae-in who has widespread support among young people. in past presidential elections, voters in their 30s or younger outnumbered those in their 50s or older. this time around the reverse happened within perhaps because society is aging and birth rates are declining. the 50-plus set accounted for more than 40% of all voters. and they propelled
that china faces on "newsline." >>> investors on tokyo markets are seeing numbers they haven't seen in months. we have been seeing a weaker yen. >> exactly, catherine. we have been seeing it for a few weeks now. that's pushing up the nikkei way higher today. in fact, the nikkei reached the highest level since early march 2011 which is prior to the major earthquake. the nikkei index is trading at 10,367 which is a gain of 1.3%. the nikkei's gains are due to optimism that the bank of japan is likely to take further easing steps. there are hopes that exporters will post higher earnings. traders said overseas institutional investors are returning and taking an aggressive stance on tokyo stocks. let's look at the markets. market players are buying up dollars and selling the yen on the yeps the bank will take action. the pair is quoted at 87.75 to 76. earlier in new york the kou oh touched a high against the yen. dealers are closely monitoring how the negotiations on the u.s. fiscal cliff will progress. they resume later in the day. the euro is trading at 113.43 to 48 against the yen. the european
"newsline". experts with japan's nuclear regulation authority are getting closer to determining whether the only operating nuclear plant in the country can keep generating power. they carried out a second inspection at the ohi plant to figure out if an active fault runs beneath the facility. the five member team returned to ohi to inspect a trench the nra had ordered plant operator kansai electric to double the length of the trench after the first onsite inspection in november. crews dug it to 100 meters. representatives of the nuclear watchdog say they will ask kansai electric to shut down the plant if inspectors conclude an active fault runs underneath it. government guidelines ban the construction of key nuclear facilities on active faults. kansai electric executives insist land slips and not a fault caused the fissures below ohi. after friday's inspection, the shik zach shimazaki said they will look for answers. >> translator: we'll carefully analyze what we saw today. it won't be an easy task determining what it is. >> the team of experts will be back at the plant on saturd
on "the road ahead" every wednesday at 1:00 p.m. japan time, right here on "newsline." >>> u.s. sailors are suing the operator of the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant. they claim tokyo electric power company issued misleading information after the disaster there last year and they claim they were exposed to radiation. the nine plaintiffs include eight members of the "uss ronald reagan," and they were deployed just off the plant shortly after the disaster. the plaintiffs filed their suit last week at the u.s. federal court in san diego. they argue that tepco officials misrepresented the dangers and gave them a false sense of security. the suit says that increased their risk of developing cancer. but it does not specify levels of radiation exposure. they're demanding the utility pay $10 million in damages to each of them and $220 million to set up a fund for future medical costs. tepco officials say they have not yet seen the details of the case. >>> new year postcards are an essential part of the ritual of seeing in the new year in japan. sent to friends, family and associates, they're de
>>> welcome to nhk world "newsline". experts with japan's nuclear regulation authority are getting closer to determining whether the only operating nuclear plant in the country can keep generating power. they carried out a second inspection at the ohi plant to figure out if an active fault runs beneath the facility. the five member team returned to ohi to inspect a trench the nra had ordered plant operator kansai electric to double the length of the trench after the first onsite inspection in november. crews dug it to 100 meters. representatives of the nuclear watchdog say they will ask kansai electric to shut down the plant if inspectors conclude an active fault runs underneath it. government guidelines ban the construction of key nuclear facilities on active faults. kansai electric executives insist land slips and not a fault caused the fissures below ohi. after friday's inspection, the shik zach shimazaki said they will look for answers. >> translator: we'll carefully analyze what we saw today. it won't be an easy task determining what it is. >> the team of experts will be back
is the extended forecast. >> that's all if this edition of "newsline." thanks for joining us.
for this edition of "newsline." thanks for joining us.
>>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." >>> egypt security authorities are on high alert in cairo after fatal clashes between islamist supporters and opponents of president mohamed morsi over a new draft constitution for the country. state-run media say five people were killed and more than 600 injured. the two sides threw fire bombs and rocks at each other near the presidential palace on wednesday. secular forces and young people are protesting morsi's plan to hold a referendum on the draft on december 15th, saying it has not been properly debated. >> translator: we won't let them hold a referendum. we'll protest at the presidential palace, tahrir square, everywhere. and we won't let it happen. >> the president's supporters have been holding a sit-in around the palace, where troops and tanks have been deployed. >> translator: we are determined to protect the president we elected democratically. >> president morsi says he has not changed his plans for the referendum, but many fear the violence will spread. >>> at least 327 people are confirmed dead after typhoon bopha struck the p
, live from bangkok, only on nhk world "newsline." >>> the u.s. defense secretary has revealed plans to ploy the next generation of fighter ts in western japan. leon panetta says the united states will stage f-35 stealth jets from 2017. >> for the first overseas deployment of the f-35 joint strike fighter to iwakuni in 2017. >> the f-35 is equipped with stealth capability to obscure it from radar. analysts say the plane is expected to check china's military growth. it already floyd f-22 fighters athe u.s. kadena basein inawa. japan's defense ministry will adopt f-5s as its next mainstay fighter jet. investigators in japan are trying to figure out what caused an expressway tunnel to cave in killing nine people. the team will test bolts that held up concrete ceiling panels inside the structure. transport ministry and expressway officials started the tests tuesday in sasago tunnel in yamanashi prefecture. more than 300 ceiling panels fell earlier this month, crushing three vehicles. thinvestigators will use a device that pulls down on ceiling bolts that are still intact to determine how
>>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." japanese politicians have taken out their loud speakers and their megaphones to share their messages with voters. they launched their campaigns officially in a general election. two parties, the democratic party of japan and the liberal democratic party, have dominated japanese politics for years. their leaders started off in a place that has been the subject of countless debates. >> translator: this election is about reviving japan, so i wanted to start my campaign here in fukushima. i want to make a new start for japan in the belief that there will be no revival for japan without the recovery of fukushima. this election is about whether we can move forward with what we have to do or turn back the clock and return to the politics of old. >> translator: i will bring the economy out of deflation, correct the high yen, lead economic growth, enrich people's lives, and recover an economy where young people don't have to worry about finding jobs. i'll strengthen social security and will promote the reconstruction of the disaster-hit northeast.
>>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." north korean leaders appear to be moving ahead with plans to launch a rocket later this month. they say it will carry a satellite into space, but south korean officials say engineers in the north have actually built a long range ballistic missile. they say crews added a third and final section at a facility and officials in seoul say workers have not injected fuel yet. authorities say the launch will happen between the 10th and 22nd of this month. the plan has alarmed people in neighboring countries. senior officials have met with their u.s. counterparts to coordinate their response. south korea's chief nuclear negotiator and the head of the japanese foreign ministries headed to washington. they met with u.s. special representative on north korea, glen davies. they will continue diplomatic efforts until the last minute. >> translator: we also agreed that the international community should take firm action if north korea goes ahead with the launch. >> sugiyama said he hopes to visit beijing to discuss the matter with chinese officials. >> the
>>> welcome to "newsline." it's wednesday, december 12th. i'm catherine kobayashi. the south korean government officials say north korean workers have dismantled a rocket they had been preparing to launch. leaders in pyongyang say they want to put a satellite into orbit, but those in seoul and elsewhere believe the north koreans want to develop technology for a long-range missile, and they still expect the launch will go ahead. south korean government officials told nhk that they confirmed the three-stage rocket was being taken down, and they said it was moved to a nearby facility. on monday, officials in pyongyang extended the launch window by one week to december 29th. they said they were having technical problems with the first-stagt-stage control modul. government officials in seoul say the defect may not be limited to the first stage, and it may take some time before launch is possible. but they remain on alert. they say they believe the north koreans still want to launch the missile forehe end of the month. >>> south korean media have reported on claims that iranian missile ex
they put a satellite in to space. welcome to nhk world "newsline." north korea is once again the talk of leaders and major capitals around the world. the country is facing condemnation for its latest high-profile move. north korean authorities say they used a rocket to put a satellite in to orbit. >> translator: japan asked moroco to start discussion on the launch in the council. we would like to deal with this issue civilly by cooperating with the international community. >> translator: north korea's action is threatening the peace and security of the korean peninsula, as well as the world. we strongly denounce the launch of the missile in defiance of repeated calls and warnings by the international community. >> krt made public a picture of what they say is a control facility for the satellite. officials in south korea, japan and elsewhere say the north koreans fired off a long-range missile. japanese government officials say it traveled south over okinawa. they say the launch went at the north koreans had predicted. the first stage fell in to the yellow sea. the nose section fell a
high on friday. here's your extended forecast. >>> that concludes this edition of "newsline"." thanks for joining us.
. they could lead to permanent shutdown of several reactors. welcome to nhk world "newsline." inspectors from japan's nuclear regulation authority said a new nuclear power plan in the northern japan may be sitting on active seismic faults. a team of five experts concluded their two-day inspection at the higashidori plant in aomori prefecture. they concentrated on two faults in the compound. official from the plant's operator told the power company that a shift in the strata was caused by ground water. they say it wasn't the result of an active fault. investigators say they cannot rule out the possibility that the two faults are active. they say they will be able to come to a finding without additional surveys. the nuclear regulation authority says all members of the team share the same view. he says there's evidence that the faults have moved. officials with the authority will meet to discuss the matter next thursday. the electric plant say the faults are not located directly beneath the regulators but if the are active they have to review their measures and give up resuming operations at the
. >>> and that brings us to the end of "newsline" for now. do join us again at the top of the hour. thanks for joining us.
>>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." >>> voters in south korea have made history. public broadcaster kbs is reporting that park has been elected as the first female president. kbs projects she defeated her main rival of the opposition democratic united party. officials with the election commission say park won 51% of the votes. they say moon took 48%. they have counted about two-thirds of the ballots. park trumpeted her wealth and political experience during the campaign. she squared off with moon on a number of issues during the campaign. south koreans want their next leader to rein in the country's conglomerates. they say they are snatching market is share away from small and medium sized firms. park favors restraints to keep growth in check, but insisted that major companies should enjoy future regulations. on the diplomatic front, park on the diplomatic front, park on the diplomatic front, park on the diplomatic front, park on the diplomatic front, park argued that her country should built a relationship of trust with north korea before opening dialog with the nation.
extended forecast. >>> that does it for this edition of "newsline." do join us dpen.
>>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." >>> north korea launched on december 12th what it describe as a satellite carrying rocket. more than a week later, the international community seems unable to agree on how to respond. the united nations initially condemned the launch as a clear violation of security council resolutions because it involved ballistic missile technology. china opposes a legally binding resolution. the permanent member of the security council argues such a move could prompt north korea to carry out another nuclear test. japan is working with the united states and south korea to impose additional sanctions, but tokyo's ambassador says the three countries are too distant from china's position to permit dialog. >>> the u.n. general assembly has adopted a resolution about north korea's human rights violations. the document expresses serious concern about what it describes as systemic and or systematic and widespread human rights violations. they include torture and public executions. the text also urges the north korean government to resolve the abduction of japanese
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